Top Beer and Whiskey Accessories

Beer is something that cannot be done without at any occasion, be it for a much talked of party or just a gathering at home. It is thus obvious that relevant accessories would be required for convenience by beer lovers. Love for beer has given way to certain fine and fun accessories. Some of them are as follows:
• Glacier Whiskey Ice cubes: Instead of using Ice using glacier ice cubes makes for a more enjoyable whiskey experience. They do not melt or dilute the taste of aged whiskey! Found on this site

• Beer belly made out of polyurethane, as the name depicts resemble the belly of human body is meant to be worn as undergarments. Having a capability of holding as much as eighty ounces of hot or cold beverage is adjustable by means of a neuroprene sling. It can be cleaned easily and is to be used by drinkers of a height of six to eight inches and a waist circumference of up to forty inches.

• Beer belt are a series of can holding pouches in a row in the form of a wide belt. It can hold six cans at once and is available in camouflage colors. Its strap is adjustable and can be worn by person with a waist size of up to fifty.

• Beer savers are basically bottle lids made of silicone that are food safe. Available in a range of colors, they are re-usable and help in keeping the beer safe as well as fresh. They are stretchable and fit all standard size beer bottles as well as some large mouthed bottles.

• Koozies are basically insulators that help to keep the beverages cold for a longer period of time.The Original ones can only be found on this site for less than a dollar and they are guaranteed to keep the beer at 45 degrees for more than half an hour. Made out of insulated foam, they are available in a wide variety of shades and are used for keeping the beer at an optimal tempture.

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